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I can’t respond to every question or comment, but since there are so many about these two things I wanted to just post a public reply to them.

Question #1: Will I be selling Justice League invitations/posters etc. with the characters I designed any time in the future?

The quick answer is, no. I would love to, but to be honest, I’m pretty sure I’d have to purchase a license to sell products that are clearly depicting licensed characters from the Justice League. I would really love to offer them to you for purchase and I *am researching how much it might cost to buy a license, however, I have a sneaking suspicion, that it’s a pretty high number and will not be worth the relatively small volume I’d be doing. As I mentioned I *am looking into it though and would love any input from you if you are a license genius!

Question #2: Do you have pictures of the finished ferris wheel you talked about in this post?

Yes.. I’m sure somewhere in the archives I have them, but they weren’t good and I don’t think I ever got a picture of the ferris wheel filled up with cupcakes. It was just such a rushed mess that day. I really didn’t get any good shots of it. I also wanted to re-mount it in my new studio, so it’s not even up at the moment as my walls are still bare. So, it may be a while but, I’m workin’ on it!

Thank you so much for your emails, and again, I apologize that I can’t personally reply to each one, but I *do read and appreciate them! Thank you so much!

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