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Archive for the ‘printables + diy’ Category

Free Printable Valentines! {{Works with Project Life!}}

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Hello! Here are the Project LIfe Printable Valentines I posted about earlier this morning. I do hope you enjoy them! If you haven’t done so already, you can download my first set of Project Life printables right HERE, and you can download the Muppet Valentines I created last year for my sons class right HERE! Lots of printable goodness, and all for free! The best way to make sure you get my next set of printables, ‘like’ m y FB page right HERE & be sure to hover over the ‘like’ button and click “show in newsfeed’ so you don’t miss my posts! While you’re there, I would love to hear what you’d like to see me create for my next free printable, more Project Life stuff? Also, let me know if you use these in your PL albums & send me pictures! Have a great week & enjoy! Warmly, Mariah

(Be sure you click the links DIRECTLY BELOW this, not the images!)

Project LIfe Valentines Simple (7928)

Project LIfe Valentines Fun (7266)


Free Printable {{Project Life}} Valentines

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Later today I will post 2 sets of Project Life Freebie Printables featuring a Valentines Day Theme. Stay tuned & let your friends know. For sneak peeks like the one below and up to date information about what I’ve been up to, ‘like’ my FB page and be sure to click, “Show in Newsfeed” to see my posts. Don’t worry, I keep them minimal! Can’t wait to show you all of these sweet little cards! Warmly, Mariah


Project Life

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

I have been anxiously awaiting the new ‘core kits’ from Project Life so I can get started saving some everyday memories in a simple, totally not overwhelming, but also really great to look at, way, alas, they are so popular that everywhere has been sold out!

I first learned about Project Life from you guys! You encouraged me to design some printables that would work with the Project Life system, which I’ve now done and consequently, want to share with you!

This set is for little ones, the next set (which I’m already started on!) will be based more on grown ups. Please let me know how you like them and please, please share your Project Life pics with me over at my FaceBook Page! I would love to see what you do!

(Link to download below Pics!)

Click right HERE to download yours!

*They may look light on your computer screen, but will print out perfectly!

Valentines, Weepuls & Google Eyes

Monday, February 13th, 2012

To go with my sons Muppet Valentines he wanted to make some Muppet Weepuls (remember those!?!) After some initial tries and due to time constraints, we decided to scratch making Muppet themed Weepuls and made regular old Weepluls instead.

As we made them, a google eye made it’s way to rest perfectly on top of Lew’s eye and by complete chance, we saw a fun way to add to the Muppet Valentines! We decided to add google eyes to all of the Lew Valentines as well as the Beaker ones. We even had the perfect sized pom poms to put on Lew as a nose! If you have some of these things laying around, you may want to take a little bit of time to ‘add the love’ as we like to say! It was a really great project, no need for perfection, just simple & fun!

Justice League & Ferris Wheel

Monday, February 13th, 2012

I can’t respond to every question or comment, but since there are so many about these two things I wanted to just post a public reply to them.

Question #1: Will I be selling Justice League invitations/posters etc. with the characters I designed any time in the future?

The quick answer is, no. I would love to, but to be honest, I’m pretty sure I’d have to purchase a license to sell products that are clearly depicting licensed characters from the Justice League. I would really love to offer them to you for purchase and I *am researching how much it might cost to buy a license, however, I have a sneaking suspicion, that it’s a pretty high number and will not be worth the relatively small volume I’d be doing. As I mentioned I *am looking into it though and would love any input from you if you are a license genius!

Question #2: Do you have pictures of the finished ferris wheel you talked about in this post?

Yes.. I’m sure somewhere in the archives I have them, but they weren’t good and I don’t think I ever got a picture of the ferris wheel filled up with cupcakes. It was just such a rushed mess that day. I really didn’t get any good shots of it. I also wanted to re-mount it in my new studio, so it’s not even up at the moment as my walls are still bare. So, it may be a while but, I’m workin’ on it!

Thank you so much for your emails, and again, I apologize that I can’t personally reply to each one, but I *do read and appreciate them! Thank you so much!

Printable Muppet Valentines

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Hello, hello! I had a very nice vacation with my family and am now fully back at work and in the swing of things.  We didn’t take a trip or anything, just got everything at home in order, had lots of nice dinners with friends and family, we played a lot of Farkle and Monopoly and even staying up one night until 1 am (all three of us!) finishing the first book in the book series, The Hunger Games. It was phenomenal.. kind of harsh at times, but so good! All and all, it was a very nourishing time.

I wanted to pop in and share some valentines with you! My son is a creative boy and he loves all things Muppet, so naturally, when I asked him what sort of thing he’d like to do for his class valentines he wanted Muppets! It’s really no wonder since (if you remember) my husband and I have long loved them too!

I did a quick search at a few local shops and then a little online search to no avail. This always seems to be the case with his valentines. One year he wanted Ben10 valentines (this was before they had ever come out with them), another year, he wanted Happy Pets (I’ll have to dig up those files to show you!) and now, The Muppets. I find it hard to believe that they are not putting any valentines out there this year especially with the movie and everything, but the only thing I’ve seen are some vintage cards.

I was disappointed at first, but I am pretty glad it turned out this way now, because I’ve had a lot of fun designing these cards!

I decided to keep the cliche valentine sayings out of the actual cards and instead added the valentine-y part to the header. That way, the cards could really be used at any time of year!

We’re going to place the valentines into a simple little clear bags that I already had from Michael’s, then we’re going to add some kind of treat (perhaps Swedish Fish for Lew Zealand!) and top the bag with a cute header that I created to match (featuring Kermit!). I like these bags because they are big enough to fit a variety of treats wether you decide to do candy, small cracker jack toys or something useable like a notepad and small pencil or something.

Here’s a photo of Lew in the bag and with the header card but with no treats in the bag yet (still have to decide what we’re doing and buy those).

I made the headers coordinate with the cards, here’s a preview of them, there’s a place to write who the valentine is to and who it’s from.

So, here are the downloads for you to enjoy! I put them separately in case you only wanted the cards or, you could really only use the headers as well and just put candy in the bag sans the card. Whatever you fancy!

Muppet Valentine Cards (3637)

Muppet Valentine Headers (3218)

Enjoy folks and drop in and let me know you used them, I’d love to connect with you!  xo, Mariah

New Back-to-School printables for you!

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Hello everyone! Thank you for all the sweet comments and support during the summer both here on the blog and over at the MDdesign Facebook page. You guys are the best, I really appreciate you!

To show my appreciation to you, I want to give you a little ‘thank you’ treat. Here is a new set of free ‘Back-to-School’ printable notes for you to print out and sneak into your little ones backpacks or lunches as they  bravely venture back to school!

Click link below to download! (7923)

Please drop by and let me know if you like them!  I love hearing from you and hearing what your littles think of them!  xo

Thank you and Free printable ‘You are loved’ notes!

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Hello, hello! Have you been over to Ali’s blog/site today? Seeing that I was her pick for *mom of the week* this week was such a fun thing to wake up to today! I’m a big fan of hers, I think she’s pretty extraordinary. She seems genuinely compassionate as The Biggest Loser host (I love that!) and of course I grew up loving to hate her character ‘Sami’ on Days. I want to send out a big thanks to Ali & her team, they’re doing great things to support moms and women in general over there. If you haven’t already, go check it out!

In relation to that, if you remember my post a couple of days ago talking about my answer to Ali’s question, I posted this photo:

It’s a photo of some of my favorite things we’ve put into Jacob’s Jar over the years. See that small note that say’s, “You are loved” on it? Well, a while back I printed a bunch of these out in different colors and we keep them near the jar to write on (along with other neat types of paper). That way, there’s some color and variety to the notes we write. Who doesn’t like a little color?
I’ve also always wanted to paint the lid of Jacob’s jar, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet! Anyway, I thought perhaps you would like to have your own little ‘You are loved’ notes. So I made a free PDF download for you too! (1748)

[click, save to desktop (or other location you knwo how to find) then open and print!]

Here’s what it will look like:

I did a little search and found some other cute jar ideas out there, check ‘em out!

Fingerprints On The Fridge

Young House Love

Evolutions of Style Blog


Enjoy the notes! xoxoxoxox, Mariah

Easter favor boxes – Free download

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

I’ve been working on some easter treats for the kids and thought I’d share them with you! You can download and print the Easter favor boxes for free at the link below.

I have a special favor to ask though. If you do download and make them, can you let me know if you think this sort of project needs step by step directions? I would really appreciate knowing that so that I can better serve you. I think sometimes I should take more care & include instructions, but I’m just not sure you’d really need them. Let me know, k? Thank you in advance for taking the time to let me know!

DOWNLOAD HERE—>Easter Favor Boxes (1615)

Oh! If you are not a FB fan, come join us! I let me FB peeps know yesterday that the printables I designed for the lovely Melanie Mauer are up on HER BLOG! So, score! You get TWO really sweet DIY PRINTABLES! Go check em’ out and say hello!

And, on a completely different note, have you seen this commercial? It’s not new or anything, but we dont watch a ton of TV so, when I saw it again last night for like, the third time I just.. man, I mean..does anyone else just melt when it comes on?? Tears well up in my eyes EVERY time. It’s the sweetest thing.. the sweetest thing. ♥ Talk to you again soon! xoxoxo


Carnival invitations & masked bunnies

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Hello!  Well, as you can see, I ended up changing the colors on my sons invitations.  I adore the red and white, but I was printing these myself and the red just wasn’t printing well.  I should have planned on having them printed, but ..meh, I just didn’t.

Still, I’m very happy with the result!  I love, love, love the zesty yellow twine from Whisker Graphics so I was happy to have it hold all together so beautifully.  In the third photo from the top you can see that I also changed the treat boxes, oh they’re so cute!  I’m not sure yet what I will fill them with… perhaps lemon heads.

The little ’10′ card tied onto the invite is actually a little toy.  I’m not sure what you call these things (any suggestions?) but you can see that one side has the ’10′ and the other has the sunburst, so when you hold the pretty twine in your fingers and spin, the two sides look like one and the sunburst appears to be behind the ’10′.  It’s really fun!

I used to love these things when I was little, the one you’d see most often was the one that had an open bird cage on one side and a bird flying on the other and when you spun it, it looked like the bird was flying out of the cage.  What a lovely thing!   It took me a while to figure out what I was going to do to add an element of FUN into the invite and this worked out perfectly!

I have some other little surprises too, but my camera recently broke and I’ve had trouble taking photos that do them justice with my cell phone.  On that note, I know these images are a bit ragged as well, but I did my best with what I have.  I’ll be putting some money away for a new one & doing some research on which one to get.

So, I thought I’d tell you how I made these and also thought I’d make some that I can put up as a free download as well!  First, here are the directions:

Step One: Cut out both sides out with a circle punch (for these I used a 2″ circle) and then run either the back or the front through your small Xyron machine.  You could also use double stick tape if you dont have an Xyron.  It works fine, it’s just a little bit more time consuming.

Step Two: After cutting your  twine, center it on the sticky circle.  Do try and get it nice and straight so it will not spin all cock eyed.  It does make a difference.

Step Three: To finish them up, just place the non-sticky piece neatly onto the sticky side, sandwiching the twine between them.  The more perfect you get them the better.  If all the edges *dont align perfectly you’ll have a sticky edge. (yuk!)

That’s it!  Spin the twine & watch the magic!

Now, since I doubt that you have need for a spinning toy with the number ’10′ on it, I designed a little Halloween toy for you!  Here’s a little preview, though to really appreciate the fun, you’ll have to print them out and make them! (Pssst!  You could also head over to my Facebook page to see the bunny fully masked! Shhh!!)

Here is your download:  Masked Bunny (1223)  If you make these, I’d love to see some pictures!  You can put them up over here and I’ll feature them on my blog!  {They would be great for Halloween party favors!}


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