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Archive for the ‘inspiration’ Category

Project Life

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

I have been anxiously awaiting the new ‘core kits’ from Project Life so I can get started saving some everyday memories in a simple, totally not overwhelming, but also really great to look at, way, alas, they are so popular that everywhere has been sold out!

I first learned about Project Life from you guys! You encouraged me to design some printables that would work with the Project Life system, which I’ve now done and consequently, want to share with you!

This set is for little ones, the next set (which I’m already started on!) will be based more on grown ups. Please let me know how you like them and please, please share your Project Life pics with me over at my FaceBook Page! I would love to see what you do!

(Link to download below Pics!)

Click right HERE to download yours!

*They may look light on your computer screen, but will print out perfectly!

End of the School Year

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

End of the year teacher gifts are ALWAYS my favorite thing to put together and this year was no exception! We’ve had a wonderful but busy year this year, so I didn’t get to do as much as I had hoped I would for my son’s phenomenal teacher.  I did however, design & have made these little cards for her to use in class next year!

At the beginning of the year, I’d designed & framed a print for her with a classroom crest and the class motto below it. She liked it so much that it ended up on the back of the kids school shirts! I decided to use that same design on these sweet little encouragement cards. On the back of the cards, it says, “You impressed me today!” then, there are some lines to write out what exactly the student did that impressed her! I thought it would be a fun thing to do for kids when they go above and beyond or show exemplary character. It’s hard to see with these pictures, but there’s a beautiful spot UV on the crest as well as the little banner on the back, you can see it best in the last photo.

I wish I’d have done all the other things I had dreamed up, but she was gracious and sweet when my son gave them to her and really seemed to like them. Next year we will be much less busy so I’m hoping that I put together a well thought out gift that will let him/her know how sincerely we appreciate teachers! I’m so grateful for all that they do.

In other news, I have some Project Life printables on the way for you to download on my blog soon! Thanks Robin & Melissa for the push to create those! I won’t be writing much here as we prepare to move late this summer, but I’ve got a few fun things in the works, so the best way to be sure you don’t miss out is to like me over on Facebook! Here’s to a wonder filled summer!!! xo, Mariah

Weepul Invasion Co.

Monday, February 20th, 2012

I know that my blog is about illustration and design and not about Weepuls, but I’m such a proud mama, I just had to share the news that after the success of the Weepuls my son sent with his Muppet valentines, he came to me asking what I thought about him selling custom Weepuls.. I loved the idea and we quickly went to work starting a company for him named, “Weepul Invasion Co.” and setting up shop over at Etsy!

He has long done artwork on my cintiq using Adobe Illustrator, so he was able to draw a little logo (I added a little bit of shading and helped with the kerning) but he did SUCH a good job! He’s also started a series of Weepul art prints that he’s going to sell as well.. things like drawings of Katniss, Peeta & Prim from The Hunger Games as Weepuls. It was important to him that 25% of all orders be donated to St. Jude’s Children’s hospital too! This, after a particularly touching story he saw about some kids there a while back.

I think it’s all so great and super adorable & I love seeing him excited about using his talents in a way that will not only benefit St. Jude’s but also allow him to know with certainty that everyone can make a difference, no matter how old (or young) you are! What a good boy…and what a proud mama I am. If you want to support a great cause and give my sweet boy a big smile, head on over and place an order! He excitedly checks each order to see where his creation will be heading and thinks it’s super cool that they’re heading all over the country! Each Weepul comes numbered and with a teeny tiny birth certificate (so cute!) The packaging is minimal & gorgeous.

My favorite part are the descriptions he gives… like this one:  ”Sunshi loves to lay in her hammock in the sun while eating fresh fruit and listening to Metallica and Nirvana. She can’t wait for her next adventure!”  Kids are so rad.

Valentines, Weepuls & Google Eyes

Monday, February 13th, 2012

To go with my sons Muppet Valentines he wanted to make some Muppet Weepuls (remember those!?!) After some initial tries and due to time constraints, we decided to scratch making Muppet themed Weepuls and made regular old Weepluls instead.

As we made them, a google eye made it’s way to rest perfectly on top of Lew’s eye and by complete chance, we saw a fun way to add to the Muppet Valentines! We decided to add google eyes to all of the Lew Valentines as well as the Beaker ones. We even had the perfect sized pom poms to put on Lew as a nose! If you have some of these things laying around, you may want to take a little bit of time to ‘add the love’ as we like to say! It was a really great project, no need for perfection, just simple & fun!

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

While browsing over at Pinterest, I saw this and thought I’d share it with you. It’s a powerful thing to appreciate and love your own body. However imperfect, however freckled or dimpled, in any state – our bodies are simply amazing. Stop hating on it and realize it’s phenomenal potential and resilience.

You are glorious.

Just as you are.

(Note: Found on Pinterest, then linked to tumbler, original source is not known.)

Thank you and Free printable ‘You are loved’ notes!

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Hello, hello! Have you been over to Ali’s blog/site today? Seeing that I was her pick for *mom of the week* this week was such a fun thing to wake up to today! I’m a big fan of hers, I think she’s pretty extraordinary. She seems genuinely compassionate as The Biggest Loser host (I love that!) and of course I grew up loving to hate her character ‘Sami’ on Days. I want to send out a big thanks to Ali & her team, they’re doing great things to support moms and women in general over there. If you haven’t already, go check it out!

In relation to that, if you remember my post a couple of days ago talking about my answer to Ali’s question, I posted this photo:

It’s a photo of some of my favorite things we’ve put into Jacob’s Jar over the years. See that small note that say’s, “You are loved” on it? Well, a while back I printed a bunch of these out in different colors and we keep them near the jar to write on (along with other neat types of paper). That way, there’s some color and variety to the notes we write. Who doesn’t like a little color?
I’ve also always wanted to paint the lid of Jacob’s jar, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet! Anyway, I thought perhaps you would like to have your own little ‘You are loved’ notes. So I made a free PDF download for you too! (1745)

[click, save to desktop (or other location you knwo how to find) then open and print!]

Here’s what it will look like:

I did a little search and found some other cute jar ideas out there, check ‘em out!

Fingerprints On The Fridge

Young House Love

Evolutions of Style Blog


Enjoy the notes! xoxoxoxox, Mariah

Do you BENTO???

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

I’ve been waiting a long time to share this project with you and the day has finally arrived!  I’m *so excited to write this post! A dear friend of mine named Melissa Sharp started what quickly became a very successful blog {♥} about making healthy, waste-free bento style lunches for your kids (I must admit, I make them for my husband and myself sometimes too!). Melissa and I lived just down the street from each other growing up, I used to borrow her gorgeous clothes and we made lists of all the boys we liked and ate saltines on the bus to school (she also coincidentally introduced me to the new MINI SALTINES! {♥} Squeee! Aren’t they cute!?!) Melissa was and is one of my dearest friends. Her blog has been mentioned by the equally fabulous Jamie Oliver {♥} on his FB page. She is the #1 blog {♥} in the food & drink category over at {♥} Top Mommy Blogs and she has done many wonderful giveaways to benefit others {♥} She’s got a big heart and a lot of love.

Somehow Melissa and I got to talking one day and made a plan for a little makeover for her blog, of course I was happy to work with her, what better joy than to design for a dear friend!?  Over the next several months, we worked together getting together the new look Melissa wanted and then it was time to put it together.. dun, dun, duuuun… well, though Melissa knew a lot more than I about HTML, she made the wise decision to bring Shalon from Pretty Lovely Design {♥} onto our team! It was perfect! And now Melissa could do what she does best; writing & making adorable healthy lunches and Shalon, could do what she does best and bring everything we had worked on to life!  She did a great job as you can see and was such a pleasure to work with!  Thanks so much Shalon!

Go Check it out {♥}

Now, it’s possible that you have never heard about bento lunches, so I wanted to share a few of my favorites that Melissa has done with you to give you an idea about how wonderful, fun & healthy they are, not only for your kids, but for the planet too! No more plastic baggies, not more wasteful packaging! Yay!

Aren’t those gorgeous!? AND.. wouldn’t you want to have a lunch like that to eat each day?!? My favorite thing about Meilssas blog is that she makes lunches that are simple enough for the average mom to make.. and I dont know about you, but I NEED that! I have seen other bento blogs that make food so decorated and complicated that is scarcly resembles food anymore! Dont get me wronge, there are some truly amazing bento lunches out there artistically speaking.. but, while they might make the artist in me go, “wow!” they never look apetizing to me in the least. Melissa has the perfect balance. Some of her lunches are pretty fancy {♥} but they still look like FOOD, and like something that you’d actually WANT to eat!

Melissa also has a tab {♥} for a lot of great recipes on her new site too!  These {♥} look so delicious, and I am looking forward to making them for my little guy!

And check this out:

She has posts where she shows you the ‘Tools of the Trade’ {♥} as well as how to get started {♥} making Bento lunches!  Genius I tell you, and so, so sweet!

Did I mention that she does all of this while being a spectacular wife and mother to FOUR beautiful children!!?!! She’s so inspiring and it’s such a blessing to know her! I can honestly say that I’m a better person for having known her all these years. So, here’s to you Melissa, may your success & life continue to be blessed! I love you! xoxo

Eep! Also, you can ‘Like’ the Another Lunch’ FB page here {♥}
and tweet with her too! {♥}

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